sample image Various accessories and tools can be implemented into the wall system including Alarm and valve box, digital clock, X-Ray film viewer, and scrub unit. Control panels are also available to be integrated into the wall system.

  • Features:
    • X-Ray viewer:
      The X-ray viewer is one of the built-in wall elements which we are able to incorporate into our system. The x-ray viewer is installed into a wall panel with the emphasis on easy cleanability and service. It is equipped with an electronic ballast for fluent change of lighting intensity. The x-ray viewer can be equipped with a fluent stop of pictures. The size and placement of the x-ray viewer is chosen upon consultation with the costumer.
    • Digital Clock:
      The clock for operating theatres is normally placed in the upper panel above the door. The clock is round and equipped with a second hand. If installed in multiple operating theatres, there is the possibility of connecting all clocks to a uniform time signal to get the same exact time in all operating theatres.
    • Interactive scrub-up trough
    • Medical alarm/ Valve box
    • Flush integrated Cabinet systems
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